Whats going on in The Warren – Latest news

Harting Tree Champion Volunteers start work.

Hazel tree leaf growth
Hazel tree growth

The work to rebuild the woodland at The Warren has started with local volunteers identifying and protecting over 700 sapling trees that have naturally started growing.  Species include native field maple, common beech, dog rose and hazel.

The seedlings are covered by bio spiral guards, made from cornstarch, to protect them from rabbit and vole damage whilst they become established.

If you want to join the team to plant new sapling trees and shrubs and help with the ongoing management of The Warren please Contact Us.


Covid pandemic delays community planting days

Hopes that community planting days could be scheduled before Christmas have been dashed by national lockdown restrictions. 

New dates will be planned for early 2021 and work is already underway to agree dates with South Downs National Park Rangers, who will be helping run the planting days, and arboriculturalist Petra Billings who has designed the woodland planting and management plan.

Planting trees is always dependent on weather and the added complications of changing social distancing requirements mean that last minute changes are always possible.  All fingers are crossed for the new year.


Deer Fencing going up

A key priority for ensuring a healthy future for The Warren is protecting the natural re-growth of saplings and other wild plants as well as the newly planted trees.  The best, and most cost effective, way to protect the plants is to install deer fencing around the perimeter of The Warren.  This will only remain in place until the new trees are well established.

The installation of the deer fencing started on 11th November.


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