Village Shop & Post Office

Harting Village Stores and Post Office is located on North Lane in South Harting.  The store is owned by Tim and Louise Waller with investment from the community via Harting Stores Association. 

Conveniently located for locals as well as visitors enjoying their journeys across the South Downs Way, Harting Stores provides fresh produce including locally sourced daily essentials such as bread, milk, fruit and vegetables and also cheese, meats and pastries.  Fresh sandwiches are made in store daily and fresh croissants available at the weekends.

Stock up on essentials, buy newspapers, and use the Post Office for your postal needs and banking.


Logo for Harting StoresOpening Hours                               

Mon to Fri:                  7am to 6pm

Sat:                             8am to 2pm

Sun:                            8am to 12pm

Telephone:                 01730 825219



Preservation of Harting Stores

Harting Stores, with the integrated branch Post Office, owes its continued existence to the foresight of Lord Caldecote and Peter Tuke ably supported by Colin Waller in the early period. The community of Harting is eternally grateful to the generosity of the Debenture Holders, who loaned the fledgling Association the initial seed corn to fund the procurement of the property and ultimately donated over £22,000 to the Association. Without the foresight of the originators and these funds the village shop would in most probability have ceased to exist.

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