Harting Horticultural Society

Cartoon image of gardening activityHarting Horticultural Society has been around for over 70 years and with more than 150 members they continue to welcome local residents from South, East and West Harting as well as Elsted and Nyewood. The society holds a number of shows and events for members and friends to attend and participate in, including the spring and summer shows.

Becoming a Member

Whether you’re a horticultural enthusiast or an expert, if you enjoy photography, craft, art, baking or flower arranging, the society always welcomes new members. As a part of Harting’s history we feel it is important to keep the village traditions alive. With societies and shows like ours, families and local residents can come together to celebrate.

Becoming a member brings a feeling of community. The mid-summer show is open to members only with classes for flowers and a single cup is awarded to the ‘Best Rose’. Most importantly, the mid-summer show is held at the local hall with views over the beautiful countryside. Attendees can catch up, swap advice, cuttings and seedlings along with the yearly plant-swap; you get a new plant or variety along with all the knowledge required to grow it.

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