Tennis Club

Tennis RacketsThe tennis court is located next to the War Memorial Playing Field on Petersfield Road.  The hard court is well maintained with repainting and new nets every few years.  Members of the club report that it is a great surface to play on.

The tennis court can be used by any member of the Tennis Club.



The subscription rates for a year are –

  • Family £42 (All members of immediate family)
  • Senior £30
  • Junior (under 18 on 1st January of the current year) or in full time education) £15


How to join the Tennis Club

Paul Bramfitt is the Chairman of the Tennis Club and manages the membership.

To join the Tennis Club email Paul Bramfitt  or call 01730 825688.


How to Book A Court

The Court is booked online with a site called FastCourts. Login details are supplied when a new member joins. 

The court has a combination lock.