How to get involved

Taking care of our woodland is something the whole community can be involved in.  Find out more about how to be part of the future of The Warren


Tree Planting Days


The season for planting trees is between November and March with the best time from the end of November.  Tree and shrub saplings need to be ‘dormant’ before being lifted for replanting which is dependent on colder weather conditions. 

Professional contractors MJO Forestry will be used to plant approximately two-thirds of the new saplings. The planting started on 8th March 2021 and will cover the more difficult areas, such as the slopes.

We are planning to hold four volunteer planting days and hope to hold these during November and December 2021.  The exact dates will be decided when we are able to predict the right weather conditions.


The volunteer days will be supported by SDNPA (South Downs National Park Authority) rangers and Petra Billings, whose expertise has been fundamental to securing the future of our woodland.  The Tree Council will also host one of the days.

Guidance has been issued detailing ‘Best practice for tree planting events with social distancing’, this will be used in the planning of all events.

Contact Us if you would like to be part of the Volunteer Planting Days


cartoon of hand holding tree saplingBecome a Harting Tree Champion

The work doesn’t stop once the trees and shrubs are planted.  We need to look after the saplings and protect the natural regeneration of other wild plants and flowers.  

We are looking for volunteers to help look after The Warren for the coming months and years.

To join the team Contact Us


Our woodland paths will be formed by your feet and so what you do today will create the Warren of the future.