Chairman’s Blog

22 November 2020

On Saturday 21st November I was in the Warren at 8am.  Whilst it has been necessary for the fencing contractors to drive on the tracks, for some time I have noticed numbers of bicycle tyre marks on the tracks.  Reaching the gate out of South Gardens I met a mob of about 20 cyclists on mountain bikes about to ride into South Gardens and the Warren.  I told them they couldn’t cycle there, which they accepted.  They did comment that having seen that there were already cycle tyre marks where they intended to go, that it was alright to cycle there.  That is a reasonable and understandable point.   Because of that if you see anyone cycling in the Warren please tell them that the tracks are not bridleways and they cannot cycle there.    The Parish Council will be considering  putting up clear signage to try and stop this happening. 

Andrew Shaxson