Recycling – What you can do in West Sussex

Do you know what can and can’t be recycled in West Sussex? Take a look at our A-Z of recycling guide 

We know most of you are already doing a good job at recycling, but there’s always more to be done. Some recyclable items that are commonly missed around the home include:

  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays (any colour, including black plastic)
  • Card (corrugated and non-corrugated)
  • Newspapers, magazines and other recyclable paper
  • Shampoo and shower gel bottles
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cans and aerosols. 

It’s also really important you make sure your recycling is:

  • CLEAN – free from food and drink leftovers – a quick rinse will do.
  • DRY – keep your recycling bin lid shut – soggy paper and cardboard can’t be recycled and can clog up machinery when sorted.
  • LOOSE – not tied up in plastic bags.

Download and keep a handy fridge flyer.

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