Be aware of local thefts and doorstep scams

We have been made aware of several thefts from farms and houses in the area.  Please be vigilant.  

There are also reports of door to door salesmen knocking on doors claiming to be taking applications for a Covid Relief Fund or selling items.  This is a scam and a public health risk

It is currently illegal for people to be knocking on your door without a mask.   Call the police on 999 or 101.

101 is the number to use to contact the police in situations that do not need an immediate response.

999 is still the number to call when an immediate response is needed – when a crime is in progress, when someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when a life is in danger or when violence is being used or threatened.

Please remember that legitimate delivery drivers will wear a mask and carry identification.

Look out for your neighbours and stay safe