Parish Council Emergency Group Suspended

You will have seen the news that the Government is lifting some of the restrictions to allow us to move about more freely again.  This means that the Parish Council Emergency Group (PCEG) is no longer required in the same way as before and will therefore be suspended.

However, we do understand that life cannot return to ‘normal’ for everyone. We are all having to learn to live with managing the risk of infection from Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and this may affect us in different ways. We will still be available to support those who remain in protective isolation, and to people who may have to self-isolate with members of their household in the future. 

get in touch if you need help

Please call our parish Clerk, Trish Walker, on 01730 825201 or email you want to keep using the traffic light posters in your window please do so.

The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation regarding the pandemic in our community and to work with Chichester District and West Sussex County councils.  The Emergency Group will remain ready to be fully reinstated if and when the need arises.


Where to get more information

Information from the Government

Latest advice from NHS England

Local information from West Sussex County Council