National Lockdown is Back

We are back in a national lockdown.  The changes to the rules can be confusing but we have tried to make sense of what has changed;

You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary.

You may only leave home to shop for basic necessities for your household or a vulnerable person.

You can leave home to exercise outdoors with your household or one person from another household. You should not leave your local area. Exercise should now be limited to once a day. Parks, beaches, public gardens and forests remain open.  Outdoor sporting venues such as gyms, swimming pools and golf courses will now be closed.

Schools and colleges will remain closed until at least mid February

There is additional advice for those who are clinically vulnerableLetters will be sent to those affected

You should still attend medical appointments or seek urgent medical attention if necessary.

This is not a complete list.  More information is available on our Covid-19 pages and on Government websites.


We are in this together

We are all in this together but we know that some are affected than others.  Look out for your neighbours and don’t forget that help and support is on hand if you find yourself in need – even if it is just for a chat on the telephone.

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