Tree Planting underway in The Warren

Hazel tree leaf growth
Hazel tree growth

The re-planting of the The Warren is finally underway.  MJO Forestry will be planting approximately 2,900 tree and shrub saplings throughout The Warren with the work expected to continue for the rest of March 2021.

A range of native species will be planted including Beech, Field Maple, Whitebeam, Yew, Lime and Hawthorn.  The planting plan and species chosen will provide a mixed and hopefully healthy woodland that should thrive in this area and terrain.

See more information on the Replanting Plan.

It is great to see trees being planted in a week when we have seen more diseased trees removed from local woodlands due to the ravages of Ash Die-back.



An area will be left for a further 800 saplings to be planted by our volunteers at the end of 2021.  We hope that the planting days, re-scheduled due to restrictions on socialising and social distancing, will be great community events.

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cartoon of hand holding tree saplingThe work doesn’t stop once the trees and shrubs are planted.  We need to look after the saplings and protect the natural regeneration of other wild plants and flowers.  

We are looking for volunteers to help look after The Warren for the coming months and years.

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