Win £150 – South Down National Park Photography Prize

Win £150 prize by capturing incredible beauty of night sky. The enchanting Dark Skies of the South Downs National Park will be celebrated this autumn and winter with an awesome astrophotography competition.

There are three categories available to enter:

• South Downs Dark Skyscapes – an image that captures the star-studded Dark Skies of the South Downs National Park. Judges will be looking for awe-inspiring photography that shows off the landscape and/or cultural heritage and the dark skies above it!

• Living Dark Skies: people and nature – any image that captures human or wildlife activity. Ideas include images of people stargazing, people running or walking under the cover of darkness, or images of nocturnal wildlife or trees at night.

• Our Magnificent Moon – judges will be looking for breathtaking shots of our nearest neighbour in the solar

The first prize for each category will be £150,second prize is £75, and third prize is £50. 

Entries must be submitted by midnight on 10th January 2021

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